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The Concepts of Responsive Web Designing


Is your web portal responsive to the size of any modern device? Many of you may be contemplating about what is all this responsive web designing. It is being cleared here. Actually, responsive web design or RWD means your webportal or website will respond to the size of the device.


It means, whether you check it out in Tab, Phone, Computer, or Laptop – itwill transform into the required size of the device. iPhones, Apple TVs, gaming consoles, notebooks, tablets, ebook readers, PCs, UHD TVs, wearables, and so on – websites shall respond to all types of screen real estate. When a webportal is designed with RWD, it goes along with the layout because of the fluid grid concept, flexible images, and media query tags.


The Significant Role of Responsive Web Design

  • Today, everyone loves to carry a smartphones as it is very handy in many situations where other devices will fail like portability or battery life. It means if someone wishes to check out your web portal to get connected, he/she will love to search you on internet. And your web portal should be responsive as per the size of mobile otherwise it may affect your brand negatively.
  • In the past few years, the growth of mobile and tablet internet users has been increased immensely. They search everything on these devices instead of heading to a laptop or computer. In this connection, it is the demand of today that a web portal must be responsive. If they would not be responsive, it becomes tough to check out the web portal and go through the information.
  • As per some studies, there are more mobile internet users in comparison to desktop internet users. In the coming years, the mobile internet users will surpass the desktop internet users by a large margin. If you wish to get connected with more and more users, customers, business associates, and clients, you must host a responsive website. Saying it would not be wrong that RWD has emerged as a successful web designing technique.

There are many businessmen who credit responsive web design for earning a lot of margin in their businesses. This kind of successful web designing brings a lot of traffic to the website. To get friendly with your customers and clients, you must hold a mobile friendly website.


It does not matter what kind of screen size your device holds, if it is large or small – REW works with all. When you serve a RWD to your users, it bridges the gap between you and your users. It serves a gratifying experience for all your users, business associates, and clients. Not only your desktop computer users, but your mobile and tablet users also get connected with you.


After reading all this, you may come across a lot of content about RWD. These days it is growing rapidly. In the cutting-edge mobile technology, it is required to have deep and detailed knowledge of this nascent technique. So, what are you waiting for? If you are all set to turn your web portal into an RWD which will get changed according to the screen resolution of the device, start now.


Authored by Frank Shawn. Frank is one of the lead web designers of the British web design community. He is known to utilize all the good practices there are when designing a website. His work has been frequently displayed at online and offline forums and events as a specimen of modern web design. His sense of designing for the modern consumer or user is excellent. To know more about his work visit: